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6 apps to keep kids entertained on the road

According to at least one study, children causing a distraction in the car can prove even more of a danger than using a mobile phone at the wheel. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to road trip preparation, pre-loading a tablet with favorite music, films and apps has become as essential for parents as packing tissues. If you’re looking to stock up, you might like to try:

1. Scavenger hunt apps

These “travel bingo” variants take the “spot a red car” game to a whole new level. Passenger can play by themselves or against each other, leaving you to concentrate on the road.

You might like to try: Road Trip Scavenger Hunt (iOS), Road Trip Travel Games LITE (Android)

2. Virtual travel guides

Kids want to know what that statue you just drove past was? What happened in this village 100 years ago?  Make the trip fun and educational with a virtual tour guide!
You might like to try: Next Exit History.

3. Word games

If you’re ready for some back-seat silliness, there are word games that even the youngest can play. Word-replacement games get you to create nonsensical stories for lots of laughs.  
You might like to try: Mad Libs 

4. Comics app

Don’t worry about having to pack 10 comic books… Have even more, all in one app! Some will even let you customize favorite comics with character voices, narration and sound effects.
You might like to try: Me comics.

5. Audiobooks

Older children might prefer to do something by themselves rather than playing a game, but not everyone can read in the car without feeling car-sick. If they’d still like their fiction fix, the answer might be an audiobook.
Check out the selection available on iTunes and on an app like “Audio books” for Android. 

6. Drawing games

A classic, but fun for all ages and less messy than the paper version, with no risk of crayons lost between the car seats.
You might like to try: Drawing pad

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Staying safe

When electronic devices aren’t an option, is playing car games more of a help or hindrance to driving?