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6 ways to keep safe abroad

Being out of your usual comfort zone is what travelling’s all about, but it does mean that you might be exposed to risks you’re not aware of, and you won’t have your usual safety net. Whether you’re a seasoned or occasional traveller, keep a few pointers in mind to make sure your trip is safe and stress-free. Our top tips:

1. Learn the local emergency numbers.

Check your guide book to make sure you know at least one number to call in case of emergency, or take a look at the full list worldwide.  

2. Be careful what you write on your luggage tags

Rather than putting your full name and address on luggage tags, write just your last name and contact phone number, to avoid giving thieves information information.

3. Take precautions at ATMs

Choose an indoor ATM if you have the option, and be sure that no one is standing around too closely. If they don’t go away, find another machine.  Tear up ATM receipts straight away. If you want added security, purchase a prepaid Visa card with a temporary PIN.

4. Be safe online

If you use a shared computer at your hotel or a cybercafé, do not save any passwords or personal data on them, and avoid using your credit card number at all. Delete your search history once you have finished your session, or use the web browser’s “private mode” (Ctrl + Shift + N on Google Chrome, or Ctrl + Shift + P on Firefox). This will stop the browser saving your search history, passwords and cookies once you have finished your session and closed all the windows.

5. Take out travel insurance

Before you leave, make sure you take out travel insurance that covers both loss of belongings and personal health – including, for example, repatriation in case of serious accident. 

6. Prepare safe: make backups

Last but far from least: keep paper copies of vital papers such as passport or travel insurance policy in a separate bag from the originals. To make sure they’ll be accessible in any situation, also make an electronic version and email it to yourself or keep it on a secure cloud storage service.

Keep these 6 tips in mind to help make sure that you are protected, and that you’ll be free to enjoy your trip with peace of mind.