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The whole home-cleaner that's safe for the planet

Chemical cleaners are bad news for your health and for the health of the planet. Fortunately, there's a safer option that can perfectly clean your home while protecting the planet. White vinegar is a natural, inexpensive, and effective disinfectant that allows you to cut down on both waste and harmful pollutants. 

The Problem With Cleaning Products

The Problem With Cleaning Products

These days, it seems like there’s a different commercial cleaning product for every situation, surface, and stain. These job-specific liquids and wipes often come packaged in thick, non-biodegradable plastic containers that fill your cupboards and end up in landfills. Researches also show that lot of cleansing agents countain volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are harmful to your respiratory system and your skin. 

What Is White Vinegar?

White or “distilled” vinegar is basically water mixed with acetic acid—an organic compound made from fermented ethanol. That ethanol typically comes from inexpensive crops like maize or malt. People have used vinegar for health and safety purposes for thousands of years.

White Vinegar’s Benefits

While safe for you and the planet, white vinegar is an inexpensive and effective bacteria-killer. In fact, the acetic acid in vinegar can kill E. coli and the types of drug-resistant organisms that cause tuberculosis. More evidence shows vinegar can clean up contaminated water. It can even eliminate laundry odors when added to your wash. 

How to Use White Vinegar In Your Home

You can use white vinegar for almost any domestic chore, diluted in water for regular floor and furniture cleaning, or even pure on resistant spots. Leaving it for 20 minutes will kill most harmful home microorganisms, which makes it a great antibacterial agent. (One warning: Vinegar may damage some kitchen surfaces, such as marble.) You can also mix it in a bowl with lemon juice for an instant air freshener (as commercial ones tend to be nocive for health), or use half vinegar half baking soda as a non-polluting and efficient dishwasher soap. 

Chemical cleaning products that many of us use can permanently damage your health and cause respiratory or skin issues. To protect your health and the planet, it's best to use white vinegar to clean your home. White vinegar is a great cleaning product, inexpensive and not toxic at all. Hence, if you’re committed to safeguarding yourself and the environment, research suggests white vinegar is a safe, easy to use and natural alternative to chemicals.